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A Bit About My Quebec Roots

Family history research has been my passion for over 15 years. I originally started in order to find my biological grandparents (paternal). As a result, my research has followed my family lineage from Quebec to the United States, France, England, Germany, Poland and Italy.


As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, I support its stringent code of ethics, including the principles of truthfulness, clarity and accuracy, and a commitment to support the collection and preservation of historical records.


What to expect

When we undertake a project for you, we first consult with you to find out your parameters and expectations. We'll follow a questionnaire in order to find out what you already know about your family history and to jog your memory.

Based upon your information, we try to find the documentation that confirms your information. We'll build a research plan to ensure that we are focused on finding out exactly what you want to know.

All research sessions conclude with a detailed research report. Each report includes detailed descriptions of each record searched, the information found, analysis of the evidence and recommendations for further research.

We can also provide family tree charts and reports in many formats and languages (English, French or other). We'll work together to customize the report to your specific needs.



The initial fee to start your genealogy research file s $160. This is a flat fee for 4 hours of research time. This includes an interview with the client and compilation of the family information required.

Payment of the retainer of $160 is required after the initial interview and questionnaire.



Other Fees

Our hourly rate is $40/hour. We recommend working in blocks of 4 hour periods.

The first 4 hours are covered by the Initial Fee. The number of hours required to complete a project depends on what the client wants to know about their family and how accessible the resources are. Research of one ancestor will take significantly less time than finding an entire branch of one family, or an entire tree.

Any documents that need to be purchased in order to get the information contained therein, will be an additional cost. These costs will always be approved by the client prior to ordering.

Samples of our work

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