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Terms & Conditions

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My fee is $Au60 per hour and my minimum charge is for 2 1/2 hours research.  I require payment in advance. 

Terms and Conditions


You are commissioning professional services as it relates to research or family history. Clients are billed for time spent conducting the research. Research may result in no documents or information being discovered. Payment for my services is not contingent upon the outcome of any matter. A reputable Genealogist can not and will not make promises.

I perform research in accordance with prevailing professional standards in genealogy, including the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists.  Please take a moment to read "Hiring a Professional Genealogist", available from The Association of Professional Genealogists.

I will provide clients with certified records, or transcriptions of the record for geographical areas that do not issue certifications, or copies of relevant documents with source citation. 

I believe communication throughout the project is important. You are encouraged to contact me if you have questions

You agree to provide me with the information you already have on the matter, including copies of reports or summaries of previous research on the problem, and significant records. My research plan is developed based on the information you provide to me by the time the project begins.

Depending on the information you provide, my results may result in information you could have researched yourself, so I stress that you provide me with all information that is known to you.

If the information which you have requested cannot be found, I will report back to you. You may choose to select new criteria for the search. If new search criteria are selected, a new agreement will be provided for your review and acceptance.

There may be privacy laws related to cases that involve post-1900 genealogical research, adoptions, or medical records used in researching familial disease or medical genealogy.

The case report will remain my copy-written property and may not be published in its presented form without prior written approval.

Estimated Completion Times are based on my experience and are an estimate only. The date may change, for example based on discovery of information during the course of the research, or other reasons, and if so, you will be notified.

In some instances, such as in "brick-wall" cases, or where third-party assistance is required, such as inquiries to government, parish offices, libraries, archives, and similar institutions, there may be a need to postpone research while we wait for a response. I try to anticipate these types of situations although sometimes it will be necessary to revise the estimated completion time. During periods of national, religious or similar holidays, or weather related emergencies, time-lines may be protracted.

Clients are charged only for hours spent on the project, plus expenses. In other words if the proposal is for 10 hours and it only takes 5 hours you are billed only for 5 hours plus expenses.

Expenses, such as costs of certificates, are charged independent of the hourly rate. I will not exceed expenses without prior written consent. Funds not used will be returned.

In most cases prepayment will be required, including a deposit for expenses.  In some situations, I will allow partial payments following discussion based on your situation, but these are permitted under special situations, and should not be an expectation.

I can be paid via PayPal or by direct credit to my bank account.  A surcharge of $5 applies if using credit cards through PayPal.

I will not begin a case until the following have been completed:

Payment of Services (based on your proposal)
Receipt of all relevant documents and information including a client information sheet if appropriate
            Questions to get us started can be found among the Documents uploaded to this site
            If you have an online family tree and you would like me to have the ability to access the files, you need to invite the following ID "anneyoungau"

The final report and accompanying information is provided for personal use only. In the event that you require research for commercial, legal, or medical purposes please contact me.


Genealogy letter

You have asked me to undertake professional genealogical services for you. This letter describes the agreement between us regarding these services.

If you agree with the terms, I will undertake to review your family tree, make suggestions for further research and work though the research results with you.

So that I will not duplicate work already done, you will provide me with the information you already have on the matter, including copies of reports or summaries of previous research touching on the problem, copies of significant records, and notes on sources or collections already searched.

I will perform this work as an independent contractor.

After I have analysed your problem, completed the research, and reached my conclusions, I will provide you with copies of relevant documents with full source citation.

My charge for the research is $60 an hour.  Costs to acquire certificates or other documents is extra.  You can purchase them direct or reimburse me directly to my bank account or through PayPal. 

I will hold confidential any information you provide that is not already a matter of public record or public knowledge. I will treat with discretion, even if they are already matters of public record, issues that concern living persons, their parents, or immediate families, as well as any items that you specifically note as sensitive.

Our agreement will become effective when you award the project and deposit funds through PayPal or to my bank account, and I will begin work.  I will ask you to authorize any additional time or costs in writing.

I will not accept fees to provide these results to other interested persons but will, with your consent, refer them to you for the information and allow you to determine the terms under which you may decide to share it. We both agree that if any dispute arises out of this agreement, we will use the mediation services of the Association of Professional Genealogists and accept as final and binding on both of us that decision, and we both consent to the entry of the decision as a final judgment in any court that may have jurisdiction over either of us.

This summary reflects the full scope of our agreement. Any changes will be effective only if they are also made in writing.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

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